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I hope your visit brings back pleasant memories of your years at:

Beaumont, Texas - 1912 - 1986

Pope Street

Big Bill I & II

Concord Rd.

This site is dedicated to all students and staff of French High School.
It contains reunion information, photos, history, Veterans page and more.
It is the official site of the French High School ONLINE Alumni Association which was founded in 1997,
as a looking for old friends website, to becoming the first and only Official FHS alumni website.
It is with great pride that I maintain the webpages in hopes of maintaining and promoting Buffalo Pride and Spirit of FHS.

The purpose of this web site is to serve as a centralized information resource.
Here you will find old friends, catch up on what's new about class reunions, activities
and help to keep us informed of what you've been doing since leaving FHS.
This page can only continue to be a success if you help, by sending me updates, Alumni news, Reunion information,
and stories and memories of your time @ FHS.. GO BUFFS!!

I want to pledge honor to
French High School
'neath the pines so green and cool,
Where my heart is yearning,
for the place of learning
And the school I love so well.
I want to keep its banners flying
Over standards so high and true,
and be proud of the Orange and White,
For it's

Onward to victory French High
We're here to see you through!
Voices and spirits rising
You know that we're for you!
French High School keep on fighting
Keep fighting never sway!
Orange! White! Buffs! Fight!
We're for you all the way!
Yeaaaa Orange! Yeaaaa White!
Yeaaa Buffs, fight, fight, fight!
Orange, White, Buffs, Fight!
We're for you all the way!


History of FHS
"FHS through the years"

1927 - 1986
read the history of FHS & see great photos!

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  • We went to French eager for new experiences. - We wanted to be a part,
    to be with friends, and have a good time.
    We did those things through many activities.
    We paraded in the streets - We built bonfires - We decorated the halls
    We cheered at pep rallies - We went to the games
    We danced - We cheered - We cried
    And we experienced life....

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    If you are looking for a person or event, just type in the name,
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    I hope this helps and will be fun to use..

    Obituary Page ------- Read new Obituaries

    The new Memorial Page ------- Gone But Not Forgotten
    * See alumni we have lost by class.

    The New Online Courier ---- FYI - Reunion information
    * links & stories

    FHS Night Out ---- monthly dinners around town
    * a night of fun!

    FHS Rings ---- heart warming story of finding FHS rings
    *list your lost ring here!

    FHS Veterans ---- We Honor Our Veterans
    * say hello to our Veterans

    Belles ---- say hi to the Belles

    Football ---- We are the champions

    In The Spotlight! ---- Alumni in the Spotlight
    * you could be next!

    Memorabilia ---- take a walk down memory lane :-)

    Big Bill! ---- Big Bill around town

    Recipes ---- Cooking with FHS

    Scrap Book ---- photos sent in by alumni

    Time Capsules ---- FHS Time Capsules
    * looking for our time capsules.

    Yearbooks! ---- yearbook covers thru the years

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    ~~ FHS pride~~

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    View Senior Class Yearbook Photos!
    1927 - 1928 & 1929 need

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    Friends and family please sign the guestbook.
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    You were a big part of our past!
    The FHS website is a place where other
    Beaumont Alumni could say hi and
    where parents can be apart of FHS again too!
    I encourage all visitors to sign this guestbook!

    The FHS page was first started in 1998, when I was "looking for a few friends" and that's what it was!
    It was called looking for friends from FHS! :)
    We have all come a long way, from my old 8088 computer & my stroke,
    to where I am today. All because of YOU!
    You have made the page what it is today..... Thank you!

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    The FHS Alumni web pages are designed and maintained by me, Beth Segree. There is no representation by The BISD, or any other party responsible for the operation or presentation of these web pages, as to the validity of personal information contained herein.
    I try my best to represent FHS in a honest, sincere and Loyal way. I do my best to post interesting and accurate information and to keep you posted on events and information. I also try to keep the Memorial page accurate. I can ONLY LIST what I receive from other classmates, family and those I see in the paper. I do not list suicides as cause of death, families have suffered enough, without my posting this. I try to list cause of death if known. My deepest apology to any pain or suffering I have caused by listing names that should not belong on there.
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    I try to update in a timely manor. Please keep in mind, it takes a lot of time and love for FHS to maintain the website. If there are any corrections that need to be made, please email me and put FHS in the subject. I get a LOT of emails and sadly some go to my spam box. If you don't see the corrections with in a week, email me again. thank you

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